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1/10 R/C OPEL KADETT GT/E (MB-01) TAMIYA 58729-60A

1/10 R/C OPEL KADETT GT/E (MB-01) TAMIYA 58729-60A

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The Opel Kadett GT/E released in 1975 was a high-spec version of the Opel Kadett, a car which enjoyed great popularity in Europe in the 1970s. The GT/E had a 2-door coupe body, a high-spec 1.9-liter engine and reinforced suspension; the works Opel Eurohändler team, satellite teams and privateers took part in rally races with modified versions of this car, and in 1976 it secured second place in the manufacturer’s championship in global rally races. This assembly kit R/C model recreates the car in 1/10 scale, with a polycarbonate body capturing the classic lines of the car.

The MB-01 Chassis

The compact, 2WD MB-01 chassis gives a choice of three types of wheelbase, and front- or rear- wheel drive system. This model employs a midship motor, rear-wheel drive setup. The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features symmetrical structure and friction dampers. Unitized sections such as motor mount, final gears and suspension facilitate ease of assembly and effective maintenance. What is more, without removing battery pack, motor and R/C equipment setups from the center frame, simply change attachment directions of final gears and steering linkage to switch between front- and rear-wheel drive; low or high motor position can be chosen for rear-wheel drive cars.

Specifications ★Length: 417mm, width: 174mm, height: 138mm ★Wheelbase: 239mm (Long) ★Tread: 140mm (front & rear) ★Tire width/diameter: 25/59mm (front & rear) ★Bathtub type chassis ★Midship motor, rear-wheel drive ★4-bevel differential gear ★3-piece steering tie-rod ★4-wheel double wishbone suspension ★Friction dampers ★Gear ratio = 5.83:1 (using kit 29T pinion) ★Type 540 motor ★Electronic speed controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items ★2-channel R/C system w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger

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